Marketing and Growth

Providing our products in all available markets within well-thought-out plans

production control

One of our interests is to monitor the quality of production and ensure that it conforms to specifications 

Production lines

Providing the best and most powerful global production systems for food processing with optimal manufacturing practices

Fruit selection

The first stage to maintain our quality is the selection of healthy, ripe fruits

About us

Who we are

The idea of establishing Dorra Ammon Factory as a family project started in 2015 under the supervision of the father, the food industry engineer, Muwafaq Muhammad, with more than 25 years of experience in food manufacturing. Ketchup and mayonnaise

We care aboutQualityfor better food

At Dorra Factory, we are always keen to create the best experiences from the work team and keep up with continuous education for them to ensure the best efficiency and the best comfortable work environment. We care about quality, manufacture and selection of fruits to provide you with better food

happy customers

What do our customers say?

The goods are of high quality, delivery and quantities as agreed, very happy to deal with you
Samir Mahmoud
I have been working with the factory for three years now and have achieved a wide spread due to the good prices and excellent product
Ghazi Omar
I receive the company’s representative every while and I have been dealing with them for a year, and the products are excellent and suitable for everyone
Fadi Darabkeh
Alquds shop

Our Customers

One of our top priorities

Our permanent customers are the cornerstone and the first criterion for the success of our plans and always striving to preserve them, and within the family of Dorra Ammon Factory is our first concern and priority

Our products
Our products include a range of distinctive items and multiple packages to suit everyone’s taste